In Dolphin Island we take care our dolphins’ wellbeing and we have one goal: to encourage the preservation of the species through several education and investigation projects.

We have developed joint Education programs with República Dominicana’s Education Ministry in the last few years. Those programs are held in Dolphin Island Park and in our facilities in Manatí Park, and more that 10,000 students visit us every year.

Reproduction is other of our main concerns and since we opened our doors in 2004 we have been successful in several of our initiatives thanks to our highly skilled team of professionals. Our mission? We want to make our visitors aware of the importance of the preservation of the species, as well as making them know the dangers the dolphins face in their natural habitat and how we cant prevent them by keeping an environmentally sustainable behavior.

Since 2011 we have also started developing a new dolphin therapy program, as it has been observed that the presence of dolphins helps to enhance the neurons’ connection and improves the way both brain hemispheres work. This therapy is aimed to those who suffer from chronic illnesses and psychological disorders.

Dolphins are, of course, the main stars of Dolphin Island Park and because of that we take special care of their wellbeing and the preservation of the species. For that we have signed agreements with República Dominicana Environment Ministry and Santo Domingo National Aquarium among others.

Fundación Anamuya

Furthermore, Grupo Interparks has created the Fundación Anamuya as part of their Corporate Social Responsability. This non-profit foundation has the strong commitment of contribuiting to the development and improvement of the life conditions of the local inhabitants.

The Fundación Anamuya encourages the social and career integration of these communities, as well as collaborating with other entities and local foundations in order to improve the conditions of those in need.