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Dolphin Royal Swim

Dolphin Royal Swim

Our dolphins will greet you with a formal handshake, and you’ll also enjoy their acrobatics. Get the ride of a lifetime and enjoy a dorsal fin tow or the amazing foot push: two dolphins will raise you up the water surface by pushing your feet.


US$ 195


50 minutes

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Dolphin Action Program

Dolphin Action Program

For those who want to have a first hand experience with our dolphins: you’ll meet them in our platform, where they will greet you and you’ll enjoy their acrobatics, applause and courtesies, before getting an exciting pectoral fins tow in the sea!


US$ 155


40 minutes

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Dolphin Family Experience

Dolphin Family Experience

Our program for those who come with children and for those who want to swim with dolphins even if they haven’t got any prior swimming experience. Our dolphins will greet you in our platform you and you’ll enjoy an unforgettable experience!


US$ 120


30 minutes

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About us

Dolphin Island Park

At Dolphin Island Park you can swim with dolphins and live the free experience of Snorkeling with Sharks and Stingrays live an extreme adventure for ten minutes.

If your only objective here in the Caribbean is to relax, you must visit us and live this incredible experience.

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Swim with dolphins in Punta Cana, Dolphin Island Park


Follow our
Safety measures

We have as a priority the security of all our visitors in this way we must follow important recommendations.

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You can use the lockers for free while enjoying the program.

Swim wear

Please bring your own swimsuit… Sunscreen and towel are also a good idea!

Life Vest

Your safety is our priority, that is why the use of the vest is mandatory.


The cameras are not allowed, so you should take some money to buy your photos.

Our Location

Located in the best tourist area of the country