Find the best excursion at Dolphin Island Park

Date of the excursion

Dolphin Island program



Safety measures for excursion

We have as a priority the security of all our visitors in this way we must follow important recommendations.

Follow our Recommendations and Safety measures


You can use the lockers for free while enjoying the program.

Swim wear

All users must bring swimwear to carry out the activity We also recommend the use of SOLAR CREAM and TOWEL.

Life Vest

Your safety is our priority, that is why the use of the vest is mandatory.


We also recommend bringing money to be able to take a photographic souvenir of your experience since access to the venue with cameras is not allowed (see FAQs).

Pregnant women

Due to safety reasons pregnant women are not allowed to join this activity.


The minimum height to carry out this activity is 110 cm. Those who do not reach 120 cm must be accompanied by an adult guardian.


You have to be at least 2’95’’ (90 cm) tall to enroll this activity. An adult must accompany those who are not 3’11’’(120 cm) tall.